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Kuma has a nice place to visit.  You can shop, read and have fun.  Thank you for coming by!

Kuma's pack is ready to serve you.  Just click on the happy face of the section you'd like to visit and follow the wagging tail!

Shadow face Vintage Jewelry and Accessories!  Let our K-9 Shadow help you sniff out and find the unique piece you've been looking for!

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Accessories
Judy Face

Cool collectibles!  Browse the tins, figurines and other goodies!  Judy will retrieve them for you!

Vandor Collectibles

Westland Figurines

Applause Collectibles

Mac Face Huggable plush!  Maybe not as huggable as Mac here, but still soft and pretty!

Beanie Babies

Other Plush
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Taiyo Face Fun stuff!

Taiyo, the loveable Saint Bernard, will guide you through our fun photos of the pack, toys, and more!

Dog Pack!

Toy Photo Story

Toy Photos